Türkiyenin İlk Full Tip Test Sertifikalı
First fully type tested withdrawable MCC manufacturer in Turkey
Arc proof pressure contact system with latest technology
Internal arc test certified Dekra (Kema) Seismic test certified (Virlab)
5 Kıta ve 60 ülkede -
27 Bükümlü
Esthetic and rigid closed type profile structure with 27 bendings
IP 65'e kadar
Modular structure up to IP 65, Form 4B Type7, IEC 61439-2
6300e kadar
Full type test certificate up to 6300A , 120 kA / 1 sec, 65 kA/3 sec, 12 kV impulse withstand current
FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests)
Primary, secondary, Injection, Overload, Insulation, routine and simulation tests
Referanslar - Petrol Rafineleri v.s
Petroleum Rafineries, Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Plants, Airports, Industrial End-Users, Hospitals and Housing Projects
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PREMIUM-X Modular, fully type tested according to IEC 61439-2 up to 6300A 120kA /1 sec, 65kA/ 3sec., Protection class up to IP 65, Form 4B up to Type-7 PREMIUM-XW Modular, fully type tested according to IEC 61439-2 Withdrawable MCC systems up to 4000 A, Protection class up to IP 55, Form 4B application up to 630 A in one single module

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