Free Standing Type Empty Cabinet Systems

Premod-S panels designed according to Low Voltage Switchgear Systems IEC 61439-2.
Has a modular structure and mounting types are available for ABB,Legrand,Eaton,Schneider and Siemens  switchgears.
The system enables panel assembly by the vertical and horizontal mounting types of these 5 different switchgear brands.  
Premod cabinets are one of our wall mounted and free standing type system solutions.
Structure consist of 250 mm depth system solutions with single module.
Modules have different alternatives sucha s 400, 600, 800 mm width; 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm height for wall mounted types and 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 mm height for free standing types.
Provides different solutions from IP31, IP43 up to IP55 protection degree.

Premod cabinets with specially designed corners, provides several advantages to our customers about quality and easy installation.
Even though it has a modular structure, due to the gasket channels on the parts at top, bottom and sides; protection degree is available up to IP55 .
Due to the modular structure Premod cabinets are available in flat pack for shipments.
Beside all these, it provides an esthetical outlook.


Standards Standartlar IEC 61439-2 
Using Area Kullanım Sınıfı Indoor Dahili 
Grid Type Şebeke Tipi TN-C, TN-S, TN C-S, TT, IT
Gerilim Voltage, Un  AC 400 V
Rated Service Voltage Çalışma Gerilimi, Ue  up to 690V 690V'a kadar
Rated Insulation Voltage Çalışma Yalıtım Gerilimi, Ui up to 1000V 1000V'a kadar
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Darbe Dayanım Gerilimi, Uimp 8 kV
Overvoltage Category Aşırı Gerilim Kategorisi III / IV
Pollution Degree Kirlilik Derecesi 3
Rated Current Bara Çalışma Akımı, In up to 630A 630A'e kadar
Rated Short-time Short-circuit withstand current Bara Kısa Süreli Dayanım Akımı, Icw up to 50kA 50 kA'e kadar
Rated Peak Short-circuit Current Bara Tepe Dayanım Akımı, Ipk 110 kA
Rated Frequency Çalışma Frekansı, f 50-60 Hz
Segregation İç Bölümlendirme  up to Form 2 B Form 2 B 'ye kadar
Degree of Protection Koruma Sınıfı up to IP55 IP55'e kadar
Mechanical Resistance to Impacts Mekanik Darbe Koruması IK10
Ambient temperature Ortam Sıcaklığı 35 (24 h)
Frame Karkas Galvanized Steel Galvaniz Çelik
Doors and Covers Kapı ve Kapaklar Steel, Electrostatic Powder Paint Çelik, Elektrostatik Toz Boya
Installation Plates Montaj Plakaları Galvanized Steel Galvaniz Çelik
Color Renk RAL 7035